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Synonyms for Garrulous

chattering, loquacious, talkative, verbose.

Synonyms for garrulous are used in the following manner. Notice the slight differences in usage.

Garrulous signifies given to constant trivial talking.

Chattering involves uttering rapid, noisy, and unintelligible, or scarcely intelligible, sounds, whether articulate words or such as resemble them.

Chattering is often used of vocal sounds that may be intelligible by themselves but are not understood owing to confusion.

The talkative person has a strong disposition to talk, with or without an abundance of words, or many ideas.

The loquacious person has an abundant flow of language and much to say on any subject suggested; both the talkative and loquacious may be lively and (for a time) entertaining.

The garrulous person is tedious, repetitious, petty, and self-absorbed.

Verbose is applied to utterances more formal than conversation, as to writings or public addresses.

COLLOCATIONS using synonyms for Garrulous

We speak of a chattering monkey or a chattering idiot, a talkative child, a talkative or loquacious woman, a garrulous old man, a verbose writer or politician.

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ANTONYMS for Garrulous

laconic, reserved, reticent, silent, speechless, taciturn.