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Synonyms for Address

accost, approach, hail, speak to, apostrophize, court, salute, woo, appeal, greet,


Synonyms for address include to accost meaning to speak first, to friend or stranger, generally with a view to opening a conversation.

To greet is not so distinctly limited, since one may return another's greeting; greet and hail may imply but a passing word; whereas greeting may be altogether silent.

To hail is to greet in a loud-voiced and commonly hearty and joyous way, as appears in the expression "hail fellow, well met."

To salute is to greet with special token of respect, as a soldier his commander.

To apostrophize is to solemnly address some person or personified attribute apart from the audience to whom one is speaking; as, a preacher may apostrophize virtue, the saints of old, or even the Deity.

To appeal is strictly to call for some form of help or support.

Address is slightly more formal than accost or greet, though it may often be interchanged with them. One may address another at considerable length or in writing; he accosts orally and briefly.


Antonyms for Address

avoid, elude, overlook, pass by, cut, ignore, pass, shun.

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