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Synonyms for Active

agile, energetic, officious, sprightly, alert, expeditious, prompt, spry, brisk, industrious, quick, supple, bustling, lively, ready, vigorous, busy, mobile, restless, wide awake, diligent, nimble,


Active refers to both quickness and constancy of action. It is similar in sense to agile, alert, brisk, busy, diligent, and industrious.

The active love employment, the busy are actually employed, the diligent and the industrious are habitually busy.

We say that the restless are active from inability to keep quiet; their activity may be without purpose, or out of all proportion to the purpose contemplated.

The officious are undesirably active in the affairs of others.

Synonyms for active are comparable to ALIVE in sense of activity and purpose.


Antonyms for Active

dull, inactive, lazy, slow, heavy, indolent, quiescent, sluggish, idle, inert, quiet, stupid.

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