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Synonyms for Abstract (v)

appropriate, distract, purloin, steal, detach, divert, remove, take away, discriminate, eliminate, separate, withdraw, distinguish

The central idea of withdrawing makes abstract in common speech a euphemism for appropriate (unlawfully), purloin, steal.


In mental processes (in which abstract is most often used) we discriminate between objects by distinguishing their differences.

We separate some one element from all that does not necessarily belong to it, abstract it, and view it alone. We may separate two ideas, and hold both in mind in comparison or contrast.

When we abstract one of them, we drop the other out of thought.

The mind is abstracted when it is withdrawn from all other subjects and concentrated upon one, diverted when it is drawn away from what it would or should attend to by some other interest, distracted when the attention is divided among different subjects, so that it can not be given properly to any.

The trouble with the distracted person is that he is not abstracted.


Antonyms for Abstract

add, complete, fill up, restore, unite, combine, conjoin, increase, strengthen


The purse may be abstracted from the pocket; the substance from the accidents; a book into a compend.


Synonyms for Abstracted

absent, heedless, listless, preoccupied, absent-minded, inattentive, negligent, thoughtless, absorbed, indifferent, oblivious

As regards mental action, absorbed, abstracted, and preoccupied refer to the cause, absent or absent-minded to the effect.

The man absorbed in one thing will appear absent in others. A preoccupied person may seem listless and thoughtless, but the really listless and thoughtless have not mental energy to be preoccupied.

The absent-minded man is oblivious of ordinary matters, because his thoughts are elsewhere. One who is preoccupied is intensely busy in thought; one may be absent-minded either through intense concentration or simply through inattention, with fitful and aimless wandering of thought.

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