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Synonyms for Absorb

consume, engross, suck up, take in, drink in, exhaust, swallow, take up, drink up, imbibe, swallow up

Synonyms for absorb give the feeling of including, or incorperating something new, or foreign which was not previously present.

For example, a fluid that is absorbed is taken up into the mass of the absorbing body, with which it may or may not permanently combine.

Wood expands when it absorbs moisture, iron when it absorbs heat, the substance remaining mostly unchanged. Quicklime, however, when it absorbs water, becomes a new substance with different qualities; namely hydrated or slaked lime.

A substance is consumed which is destructively appropriated by some other substance, being, or agency, so that it ceases to exist or to be recognized as existing in its original condition.


Plants absorb moisture from the air; the student is absorbed in thought; nutriment may be absorbed into the system through the skin.

Fuel is consumed in the fire, as food is consumed in the body.

Consume is also applied to whatever is removed from the market for individual use; as, silk and woolen goods are consumed.

Some not so familiar synonyms for absorb are those words such as engross or imbibe.

A great talker engrosses the conversation. A credulous person swallows the most preposterous statement. A busy student imbibes or drinks in knowledge; he is absorbed in a subject that takes his whole attention.

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Antonyms for Absorb

cast out, dissipate, emit, put forth, shoot forth, disgorge, distract, exude, radiate, throw off, disperse, eject, give up, send out, vomit

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