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Synonyms for Abridgment

abbreviation, compend, epitome, summary, abstract, compendium, outline, synopsis, analysis, digest

Synonyms for abridgment are similar to abbreviaiton with a few major differences.

An abridgment gives the most important portions of a work substantially as they stand.

An outline or synopsis is a kind of sketch closely following the plan. An abstract or digest is an independent statement of what the book contains.

An analysis draws out the chief thoughts or arguments, whether expressed or implied.

A summary is the most condensed statement of results or conclusions.

An epitome, compend, or compendium is a condensed view of a subject, whether derived from a previous publication or not.

We may have an abridgment of a dictionary, but not an analysis, abstract, digest, or summary.

We may have an epitome of religion, a compendium of English literature, but not an abridgment.

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