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Synonyms for Abomination

abhorrence, curse, hatred, plague, abuse, detestation, horror, shame, annoyance,disgust, iniquity, villainy, aversion, evil, nuisance, wickedness, crime, execration, offense

Synonyms for Abomination (from Latin ab omen, a thing of ill omen) were originally applied to anything held in religious or ceremonial aversion or abhorrence; as, "The things which are highly esteemed among men are abomination in the sight of God." Luke xvi, 15.

The word is more often applied to the object of such aversion or abhorrence than to the state of mind that so regards it.

In common use, synonyms for abomination signify something very much disliked or loathed, or that deserves to be.

Choice food may be an object of aversion and disgust to a sick person; vile food would be an abomination. A toad is to many an object of disgust; a foul sewer is an abomination. As applied to crimes, abomination is used of such as are especially brutal, shameful, or revolting; theft is an offense; infanticide is an abomination.

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Antonyms for Abomination

affection, blessing, enjoyment, joy, appreciation, delight, esteem, satisfaction, approval, desire, gratification, treat, benefit

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