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Synonyms for Abide

anticipate, dwell, remain, stop, await, endure, reside, tarry, bear, expect, rest, tolerate, bide, inhabit, sojourn, wait confront, live, stay, watch continue, lodge

The synonyms for abide are many and quite varied giving a sense of staying, or remaining, or even enduring, or suffering, difficulties.

Abide is to remain continuously without limit of time unless expressed by the context: "to-day I must abide at thy house," Luke xix, 5; "a settled place for thee to abide in forever," 1 Kings viii, 13.

Lodge, sojourn, stay, tarry, and wait always imply a limited time; lodge, to pass the night; sojourn, to remain temporarily; live, dwell, reside, to have a permanent home.

Stop, in the sense of stay or sojourn, is colloquial, and not in approved use.

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Antonyms for Abide

abandon, forfeit, migrate, reject, avoid, forfend, move, resist, depart, journey, proceed, shun


Abide in a place, for a time, with a person, by a statement.

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