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Synonyms for Abhor

abominate, dislike, loathe, scorn, despise, hate, nauseate, shun, detest

Synonyms for abhor are strong words though they may not express the fullness of disgust that abhor expresses.

For instance, abhor is stronger than despise, implying a shuddering recoil, especially of a moral nature.

To merely shun evil as inconvenient and not abhor it as hateful, might find the mere shunner a soon partaker thereof.

Detest expresses indignation, with something of contempt while loathe implies disgust, physical or moral.

The following are common collocations with synonyms for abhor.

We abhor a traitor, despise a coward, detest a liar. We dislike an uncivil person. We abhor cruelty, hate tyranny. We loathe a reptile or a flatterer.

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Antonyms for Abhor

admire, crave, esteem, love, approve, desire, like, relish. covet, enjoy


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