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Synonyms for Abet

advocate, incite, sanction, aid, embolden, instigate, support, assist, encourage, promote, uphold.

Synonyms for abet are now used mostly in a negative sense. For instance, one can instigate trouble, but not good.

However, one may incite either to good or evil.

One incites or instigates to the doing of something not yet done, or to increased activity or further advance in the doing of it.

One abets by giving sympathy, countenance, or substantial aid to the doing of that which is already projected or in process of commission.

Abet and instigate apply either to persons or actions, incite to persons only; one incites a person to an action.

A clergyman will advocate the claims of justice, aid the poor, encourage the despondent, support the weak, uphold the constitution; but he will not incite to a quarrel, instigate a riot, or abet a crime.

The originator of a crime often instigates or incites others to abet him in it, or one may instigate or incite others to a crime in the commission of which he himself takes no active part.

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Antonyms for Abet

deter, dissuade, hinder, confound, disapprove, expose, impede, counteract, disconcert, frustrate, obstruct, denounce, discourage

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