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Synonyms for Abash

bewilder, daunt, embarrass, mortify, chagrin, discompose, humble, overawe, confound, disconcert, humiliate, shame, confuse, dishearten

Synonyms for abash provide a sense of inferiority with or without the sense of wrong.

The poor are abashed at the splendor of wealth, the ignorant at the learning of the wise. "I might have been abashed by their authority." (Gladstone)

To confuse is to bring into a state of mental bewilderment; to confound is to overwhelm the mental faculties; to daunt is to subject to a certain degree of fear.

Embarrass is a strong word, signifying primarily hamper, hinder, impede.

Synonyms for abash can cause a thinker to be confused by some difficulty in a subject, or some mental defect; one is embarrassed in the presence of others, and because of their presence.

Confusion is of the intellect, embarrassment of the feelings.

A witness may be embarrassed by annoying personalities, so as to become confused in statements.

To mortify a person is to bring upon him a painful sense of humiliation, whether because of his own or another's fault or failure.

A pupil is confused by a perplexing question, a general confounded by overwhelming defeat. A hostess is discomposed by the tardiness of guests, a speaker disconcerted by a failure of memory.

The criminal who has no use for synonyms for abash may be daunted by the officer's weapon. Sudden joy may bewilder, but will not abash.

The true worshiper is humbled rather than abashed before God. The parent is mortified by the child's rudeness, the child abashed at the parent's reproof.

The embarrassed speaker finds it difficult to proceed. The mob is overawed by the military, the hypocrite shamed by exposure.

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Antonyms for Abash

animate, cheer, rally, buoy, embolden, inspirit, uphold, encourage

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