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Learning synonyms antonyms need not be that difficult or traumatic. If you're looking to learn them for an English language examination, or for whatever reason... then you'll find lists here to help you do that.

Many people find synonyms and antonyms kind of intimidating to learn because they see a long list of words and feel they have to just 'memorize' them.

Yes, memorization plays a role, but it needn't be the only way to learn these items.

In fact, we'll explore some other ways in which these items can be learned.

This site is here to help you learn synonyms antonyms in a fun and practical manner.

For starters, let's take the word "practical" for a moment, shall we?

What's the opposite of practical?

Impractical, is, right? Yes, impractical is an opposite of practical, but is impractical its only antonym?

No, it isn't.

What if practical were being used in the sense that it is opposite of theoretical? Impractical, then, can also mean unrealistic, can't it?

Sure it can... so now you see some of the difficulties in learning synonyms antonyms based on the sense in which a word is being used. To make it even more difficult, many English Language examinations don't use the most common definition, or sense, of the word in their examinations.

For instance, the word practical above would not be used in the sense of finding impractical as its opposite. Many times you'll be asked to find the second or third most popular usage and the antonym of that sense of the word.

Now, the above isn't said to cause you to worry... but rather to make you think. Use this site as a tool to help you learn synonyms antonyms... that is, to really learn them.

Browse the pages of this site using the MENU BAR at the top or click on synonyms antonyms for more information. The previous link goes to Wikipeadia so spend some time here first! You'll be glad you did ;-)

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My goal here is to provide useful information for FREE to all of my visitors.

Free and useful information, however, doesn't mean that it is here without a cost. I've spent a lot of time and effort -- plus some cash -- in order to put this synonyms antonyms site together.

So, what do I ask in return?

Nothing but a couple of clicks. That is, if you benefit from this site then please do me a small favor. It will take only a few seconds of your time, yet it will make synonyms antonyms dot com a lot more competitive in the World Wide Web.

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